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Hikvision Hacked by Faxociety - Your CCTV is Vulnerable

An active attack is currently being carried out on 1000s of Hikvision DVRs, NVRs and cameras which use old firmware and weak passwords.  

The hack is believed to insert text using the on screen display (OSD) settings and displays the following message: 

"Your CCTV is vulnerable and can be exposed, fix it pls - DIY or Telegram me - faxociety."


To Resolve the issue:

1. Update the DVR, NVR or Camera firmware to the latest version. To obtain the firmware search your model number on web browser and find the product page on, the firmware link is below the spec table.

2. Reset the unit to Factory Default (IMPORTANT - for NVRS make sure you have verified the camera password before defaulting the NVR or you will lose connection to the cameras). If you don't factory default the unit the message will remain as the hacker has set the OSD text. You can delete but we strongly recommend you default and set up again to ensure all settings are correct.

3. Make sure you choose a new strong password with at least 8 characters, mixture of characters and numbers, capitals and lower case. For old DVRs which default to 12345 password, Go to  Menu / Configuration / User and edit the admin user to change the password.

For support contact your distributor

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CCTV Global Prize Draw Results

Tuesday, 14 December 2021 17:29


This year we gave away a Philips 50" 4K Ultra HD Smart LED TV, Xbox Series S Game Console and £100 Amazon voucher to 3 lucky winners that entered our Christmas prize draw competition between the 12.11.21 and 12.12.21

Winners were drawn on the 14th December and will be sent their prizes in time for Christmas.

Lucky winners are as follows:

1st Prize  = Tomasz Skorzewski

2nd Prize = Jon Baklish

3rd Prize = Lestyn James

See our prize draw video below:

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CCTV Global Partners with Toshiba

Tuesday, 9 March 2021 13:55

CCTV Global Partners with Toshiba

Capture every detail

CCTV Global London Ltd is pleased to announce a new partnership with Toshiba Electronics Europe GmbH. CCTV Global which is an authorised distributor for Hikvision & HiLook security equipment, will use the new S300 & S300 Pro hard drives with its recorders. This partnership brings the latest surveillance hard drive technology together with the worlds leading manufacture of DVR & NVR recorders.  The new Toshiba surveillance drives support up to 10TB capacity and are designed for demanding 24/7 operation required in surveillance applications. Supporting up to 64 cameras on a single HDD, the S300 drives are built to last with 3 years warranty, matching perfectly with Hikvision's 3 year product warranty. 

S300 Pro

  • 3.5‚Äú SATA Hard Drive

  • 7,200 rpm

  • 256 MB buffer

  • Up to 64 cameras

  • 24/7 operation

  • 3-year warranty


10 TB | 8 TB | 6 TB





  • 3.5‚Äú SATA Hard Drive

  • 5,400 rpm (4 | 2 TB)

    5,700 rpm (1 TB)

  • 128 MB (4 | 2 TB) buffer

    64 MB (1 TB) buffer

  • Up to 32 cameras

  • 24/7 operation

  • 3-year warranty


4 TB | 2 TB | 1 TB




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